Have you ever seen those neat, rough concrete garden balls? They look very neat nestled into some plants, or next to a path in your garden. However they are often very expensive if you buy them from the hardware store. Blogger Pam from SimpleDetails came up with an ingenious (and cheap) way to make your own, which we will cover in this post.


  • Used Lamp/Lighting Globes - Pam recommended checking your local second-hand store where she found them for $2 each. The lights should be spherical in shape and either be glass or plastic.
  • Quikrete Quick-setting Concrete Mix - $4 for an 80lb bag
  • Mixing bucket for the concrete


1. Prepare your globes

Make sure they are strong and not cracked. If so tape them up with duct tape. There should only be a hole on one side to pour in the concrete if it is open on the other side you may need to duct tape the hole shut.

2. Mix your concrete

Follow the instructions and mix it well with a stir stick from the hardware store. Consistency should be similar to peanut butter. Keep adding water and mixing until the consistency is reached.

3. Fill your globes with concrete

Shake them gently to make sure there aren't air bubbles. Try to fill them as much as possible but be aware too much weight could break the glass. This is why the larger you go, the thicker your glass should be to hold in the concrete.

4. Let them dry 24 hours

5. Put your globe inside of a trash bag or tarp and smash the glass with a hammer

If you have a plastic globe, you can use a heavy cutting tool to cut the globe open.

Tada! Now you have those fancy concrete decorative spheres that look wonderful in your garden for a fraction of the cost.