This is a clever fire pit made from a piece that you can find easily at a dump or used appliance store. It looks great right? You would never know that the main component is the tumbler drum from an old washing machine!

Safety Note: this DIY has some use of power tools such as an angler grinder, please have experience using these tools before attempting this project.


  • Recycled Washing Machine Drum - check a used appliance store first, you should be able to buy one for around $10 from a broken washing machine
  • Angle grinder (optional)
  • Grinder attachments: cup wire brush, cut-off wheel and flap-wheel sanding disc
  • Safety glasses
  • High-heat paint (optional)


1. Purchase a washing machine drum - We suggest calling appliance store or appliance repair shop and asking if they have any drums already removed and ready for sale. Alternatively you could check a dump but would have to remove the drum which can get more complex.

2. Strip the drum - remove all plastic including plastic rim, base and build-up

3. Remove the center spindle using the cut-off wheel on your grinder (optional)

4. Remove the metal lip to improve visual aesthetic (optional)

5. Smooth out the top lip and any other rough edges using the flap-wheel

6. Remove any rust or residue using the cup wire brush

7. Paint your new firepit. This one is matte black, just make sure whichever paint you choose is safe for high temperatures.

Now you have a cool, unique looking, upcycled fireplace that you can even move around your back yard! The holes in the washing machine drum create better airflow and look awesome at night too.

End result looks great at night!

Optional Upgrade: If you have some metalworking tools and skills you can fabricate some basic legs and solder them onto the bottom. Consider a square base to the legs to avoid it sinking into the ground.