Jerry Michaels1/04/2021 - By Jerry Michaels - ADVERTORIAL
UPDATE: A few items have sold out and are no longer available, we will update this page if any new inventory is available.

Online retailers are seeing a huge surge in orders due to millions of people ordering from home this year. We have followed the hottest trending products sold at the end of 2020 and that are now selling like crazy in the early months of 2021. Below you will find a curated list of the hottest products with inventory from our partners!

There is something for everyone in this list with many items below $60! Pay close attention for our gift tips to get ideas on who a particular item might work best for.

We recommend ordering fast as the most popular items will sell out.

① Electric Pulse Neck Massager Will Shock You

Electric Pulse Neck Massager Will Shock You

Honestly this one sat on my shelf waiting to be tested for a bit. Well until I started feeling a stiff neck, which working at a computer can happen almost daily. Then I remembered I had this electro-therapeutic neck massager to try. We had a friend over that evening. Over a few bottles of red wine we all decided to try the neck massager.

I personally found it a little strange at first. But as I let it go through the program it started to get better and more relaxing. Eventually I found it almost hard to tell from a real massage. My wife liked it and our friend LOVED it. He asked me later where he could buy one, but I gave him mine (on loan).

It massages more than just your neck as well. There are two additional electrical nodes included that you can stick to your shoulders to extend the massage. All for the price of a single in-person massage.

Gift Tip: This would make a great gift for someone who has mentioned stiffness, neck or shoulder pain. Or someone you know spends alot of time at their desk on their computer.
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② Portable Electric Air Pump & Powerbank

Portable Electric Air Pump & Powerbank

Where I live I can ride my bike to the nearest store or to meet friends. These days due to lockdowns this is a less common occurrence. When I do want to ride my bike the tires are often low and grabbing a hand pump means I have to go into the basement of our building. That's where this genius electric hand pump comes in......handy.

AirPump Power Portable Electric USB Air Pump

I have to admit when I received this pump as a trial I had my doubts. Probably just another gimmick I thought. The only thing is, now I find myself using it more often than expected. You can pump up more than your bike with this electric USB-charged hand pump. Basketball, football, volleyball, air mattresses, beach toys (what a savior) and cars. Yes that's right automobile tires as well. Oh did I mention it is a powerbank too you can use to charge other USB devices? Did I also mention it has a flashlight? Now I have one for the car, one for the house and one for the garage. Post how you like yours in the comments below. Onward to the next tip.

Gift Tip: This is a great gift for someone who rides their bike a lot either to work or just for fun. Having a quickly rechargeable bike pump handy is very helpful. Another would be for someone who drives their car a lot and would appreciate a backup tire pump for their car.
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③ Drones Aren't Just Toys Anymore

Drones Aren't Just Toys Anymore

In addition to researching the best trending DIY projects, lifehacks and how-tos we also review helpful products and gift ideas.

When you think of drones what comes to mind? Quad-copter amateur cinematographers? High-tech unmanned war machines? Well personal drones have come a long way since the first versions started popping up a decade ago. Luckily the price has come down a lot as well.

We found this affordable, entry-level HD, wi-fi enabled drone to be the best buy of the 2020 shopping season. It has some powerful features but comes in at only $99 including shipping!


  • Huge range of over a mile (2km)
  • Top speed of 40 ft. / second (12m)
  • Dual HD Cameras (120 fps HD video, 12 megapixel photos)
  • 360 Degree Cameras
  • Compact foldable design
  • Gravity Sensors (avoid crashing into the ground)
  • Increased flying time (15 minutes)
Gift Tip: Drones are great fun for teens and adults alike. Great for a friend or family member who likes to spend time outdoors, loves gadgets and tech or want's to get into either more in 2021. This 2020 holiday special will return to normal losing the DiyZam 60% discount so act fast!
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SOLD OUT. We will update if more inventory becomes available.

⑤ Portable Water-Bottle Bullet Blender

Portable Water-Bottle Bullet Blender

Stay healthy, eat more smoothies! You can take them on the go or blend them anywhere with this self-contained, handheld, rechargeable battery, powerful blender. Drink your juice, milkshake or smoothie directly out of this compact blender.

Rinse it out in the sink or take it apart into 3 pieces for a deeper clean. Stay healthy with fresh smoothies on the go.

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SOLD OUT. We will update if more inventory becomes available.


SOLD OUT. We will update if more inventory becomes available.


SOLD OUT. We will update if more inventory becomes available.


SOLD OUT. We will update if more inventory becomes available.

⑩ Browse The Internet Securely With SaferVPN

If You Are Not Surfing & Downloading With A VPN You Should Be

There are many reasons to use a VPN including protecting your privacy, securing your identity, and protecting yourself from any legal action. So much of our private information is available for those with the know-how to access. Heck, even our bank accounts are just 1's and 0's. Numbers on a screen!

Did you know all it takes to locate who you are and where you live is knowing your IP address? The address given to every computer when you go online. Hackers, snoops, governments or law firm cyber units can use that number to trace back to your location and from there discern your identity. It has happened before in cases of online bullying, "trolling" disputes, identity theft and financial theft.

That becomes exponentially more difficult if you utilize a VPN. I use one for work and home. To the internet it looks like I am located at whatever location I choose from my VPN software. I found SaferVPN to be easy to use and secure. Now it looks like I am surfing from New York City instead of where I really live. So no prying eyes can track me down. Another great thing is VPNs are cheap. SaferVPN have a special running for $5.50 per month if you sign up for a year.

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⑪ This Virtual Laser Keyboard Is Very Neat & Great For Traveling Or In A Pinch

Travel With A Virtual Laser Keyboard

Gadget and Gearheads, this one's for you. Ever been on a train or plane away from your laptop or desktop computer and wanted to write a longer message? Don't type it on that tiny screen. Get a laser keyboard, it can fit in your pocket or your backpack with ease and is much faster and easier to type with than your tiny mobile phone screen.

This keyboard is Bluetooth only and is compatible with basically everything (Android, iOS, Windows and Mac). It has a fast Bluetooth connection and a long-lasting battery.

While I would not recommend it for everyday use this is a really cool keyboard for traveling or school and can really draw attention. This makes an excellent gift for friends or grandkids.

Gift Tip: This makes a great gift for tech-savvy teens or on-the-go individuals who might need a keyboard solution while they travel.
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⑫ This High-Tech Spray Coats Your Car & Protects It For 2-3 Months

High-Tech Formula Coats Your Car & Protects It for 2-3 Months

I don't know about you but I find that I don't get to the car wash as often as I probably should. My car used to sit outside in an uncovered parking spot, which meant a lot of bird poo problems. I could have probably gone to the car wash every week but that would get expensive fast at around $12 bucks per wash, not to mention the time it takes.

I wish there were something that could help dirt, mud, dust, insects, animal poo and whatever else stick less to my car's body. But wait, there is! ShineArmor is an innovated new car coating that coats your car in a layer of ceramic coating. You just spray it on after your car is washed and dried and it creates a fortified quick coat. If your car is not too dirty you can even spray it on without washing it for a "waterless wash" but we recommend washing first and applying shine armor after to avoid possible scratches from dust or dirt on your car.

ShineArmor is 20x stronger than any commercial car wax, can withstand extreme heat and lasts 2-3 months before needing re-apply. This is much more cost-effective than washing your car every week, or buying a whole slew of waxes, polishes and coatings. With ShineArmor you need only one.

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⑬ Check Out These 3 Stylish SmartWatches

Use A Smartwatch to Track Your Vitals

Smartwatches are a really helpful piece of modern technology. Not only can you set up notifications about email, sms, chat and other services, you can also take phone calls and keep track of your vitals. Modern smart watches can track heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, count your steps and distance walked and more.

You may have heard of the now famous "Fitbit" this was the first major health tracking smartwatch. However now there are plenty of great and less expensive options. Just like many products you pay a lot for the brand name. However we tested several smart watches that are equally as good at a much fairer price.

These watches mostly have the same features give or take a few. We suggest starting with the watch whose design you like the most. Then check that it has the features you seek!


SOLD OUT. We will update if more inventory becomes available.


OshenWatch Price: $109


  • Fitness Tracker
  • Blood Pressure, Heart Rate
  • Step Counter
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Calorie monitoring
  • QQ WeChat
  • Waterproof IP6/7 Certified
  • Notifications & Call Alerts
  • Compatible with Apple & Android Phones
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SOLD OUT. We will update if more inventory becomes available.

⑭ This Zoom Lens For Your Phone Will Amaze You

This Zoom Lens For Your Phone Will Amaze You

These phone zoom lenses are really cool. We reviewed this 4K Pocket Monocular Phone Telescope recently and were shocked at how far you could zoom with it. Feel like taking a photo of the moon's surface? What about that guy sailing on a boat in the bay? I'm sure you can think of a million things to do with this.

Planning a hike? Bring this along. Better yet, check who is already at the top of the peak and send a smoke signal you're on your way up.

Gift Tip: This gift would suit tech or gadget enthusiasts, travelers, wildlife lovers, bird watchers and beginner astronomers.
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⑮ A Rose That Lasts 2 Years

A Rose That Lasts 2 Years

A perfect rose is something to behold. The definition of beauty and elegance. What if you could preserve that perfect state for more than just a week? Company 4keeps has cracked the code.

You are looking at a real, preserved rose that lasts for one to three years depending on conditions. Smell it, touch it, it is the real thing. Anniversary, Valentine's or just being romantic - she will love this eternal symbol.

Gift Tip: This is a nice symbolic gift of everlasting love for a romantic partner. These could also make interesting business gifts.
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⑯ Coffee Heater + Wireless Charger Combo

Coffee Heater + Wireless Charger Combo

Working in tech almost everyone I knew drank a lot of coffee. Working at a company meant coffee from a machine which was usually mediocre. Now I work from home and grind my own beans fresh and use a pretty nifty coffee maker. However, I still have the problem of my coffee getting cold fast.

Gift Tip: Great for anyone who works from home or works on their computer a lot and loves coffee. The person should also have some devices, such as their mobile phone, that are chargeable wirelessly so check first.
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⑰ Get GuardCard™ To Protect Your Credit Card Numbers Being Stolen By Skimmers

Get GuardCard™ To Protect Your Credit Card Numbers Being Stolen By Skimmers

Today all it takes for thieves to collect your credit card and identity information is by brushing by you in a crowded area.  Technology called "skimmers" utilize RFID signals to pull information from your cards at a short distance.

Simply place GuardCard™ into your wallet or purse next to your sensitive credit cards. Military-grade RFID jamming technology prevents skimmers from being able to read your personal and financial data. The price is reasonable at only $19 or less for 3. Protect your financial information, protect your family.

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⑱ TVSurf Hub Let's You Stream Online TV & Movies And View Your Photos And Videos

TVSurf Hub Let's You Stream Online TV & Movies And View Your Photos And Videos

My wife's brother and his girlfriend love to travel. They've done Mexico, Thailand and southeast asia, Rome, Germany and many other countries. After their trips they usually like to come over to our place and show us photos from their adventures.

In the past they had shown us the photos on the iPad but the last few times we realized: hey why can't we use the larger screen on our TV to view the photos? Well, I work in tech, and so does my wife. Her brother is even younger and knows everything his smartphone can do.

He said: "Let's just put the pictures up on the TV". We have a Smart TV and I had fiddled with it before and failed.

I told him: "You think it is so easy, huh? Good luck!"

Twenty minutes later and we we had to give up and switched back to the iPad.

So, as always, I went online and looked for solutions. I found it is possible to share the photos from my phone using a special app from our TV manufacturer but it was complicated and when I got it working it was very choppy and slow.

In my search I found what looked like a USB stick that plugs into your TV's HDMI slot. It allows you to easily share any kind of online streaming video or TV, and your own videos and photos. It's called TVSurf and I immediately ordered one for $99.

It works great and was so much easier to setup than the app on my TV which was extremely confusing even for someone working in tech! Now I can also stream free television shows and movies through sites like Youtube, Popcornflix, Crackle and more. I no longer pay for cable which saves me loads of money each month. This device is definately worth it.

Gift Tip: This TV surf stick would make a great gift for someone you know watches streaming TV and video on the internet or someone who likes to show photos on their TV to friends and family.
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