I always love devices that combine multiple functionalities. If I can donate 2 or 3 items I own to charity and buy one item that does all 3 things then that is a win-win in my book. Researching survival and outdoor products I come across ALOT of flashlights. Tactical flashlights, lanterns, safety beacons, zoom flashlights, there are hundreds maybe even thousands of them.

So that is why, on DiyZam, we want to only have ONE flashlight recommendation. Of course we want it to be the best. And we want it to be multi-functional. We searched for the "swiss army knife" of flashlights.

Well we found it, and in a familiar brand we really like, from company 1Tac. The 1200 lumen 1Tac Utility Light has 3 modes: flashlight (with 20x zoom), lantern mode and SOS beacon mode. The base is magnetic so you can attach it to metal surfaces in lantern mode while you work.

1Tac has a very enticing offer with free shipping in the USA, and a 30 day satisfaction guarantee at only $49.99 with steep discounts if you buy more than 1.