With so many reasons why we need to start cutting down on our consumption, energy use and trash production it's hard to even know how to begin. Most folks can agree we should probably think a little bit more about how much waste we produce in these modern times.

So where can you start? Well if you wear makeup that is a great place to start. You know all those cotton makeup removal pads? They create a lot of trash and a lot of waste.

Single-Use Cotton Makeup Removal Pad Trash Mountain

Those pads not only create mountains of trash they take energy, resources and farms of cotton to produce.

Re-Useable Makeup Removal Pads

What you will need:

  • Some terrycloth rags or fabric pieces
  • Some cotton fabric pieces (100% cotton is best)
  • A needle and thread
  • A piece of paper or cardboard


1. Layer your cloth pieces terrycloth on the bottom cotton on top

2. Cut out a paper or cardboard circle to use as a template

3. Cut around the template for as many pads as you have supplies to make

4. Sew the edges

5. Use pads to remove your makeup, then immediately wash them with soap and water in the sink. Store them in a jar to use again!