Honestly this one sat on my shelf waiting to be tested for a bit. Well until I started feeling a stiff neck, which working at a computer can happen almost daily. Then I remembered I had this electro-therapeutic neck massager to try. We had a friend over that evening. Over a few bottles of red wine we all decided to try the neck massager.

I personally found it a little strange at first. But as I let it go through the program it started to get better and more relaxing. Eventually I found it almost hard to tell from a real massage. My wife liked it and our friend LOVED it. He was almost enjoying it a little bit too much based on his loud moans. He asked me later where he could buy one, but I gave him mine (on loan).

It massages more than just your neck as well. There are two additional electrical nodes included that you can stick to your shoulders to extend the massage. All for the price of a single in-person massage.

Gift Tip: This would make a great gift for someone who has mentioned stiffness, neck or shoulder pain. Or someone you know spends alot of time at their desk on their computer.