Jerry Michaels11/24/2020 - By Jerry Michaels (Advertorial)

For many owning a car is something of pride. Taking care of your car, keeping it in top shape and running at top performance is part of being a responsible car owner. This list includes tips, tricks, and car "hacks" to make maintenance, safety and car ownership easier and more fun.

If you are already a very knowledgeable and responsible car owner you will likely know many of these tips. But we hope even the seasoned car owner will find something they didn't know or had not thought about before!

① SealSkin Car Covers

These Car Covers Are So Sleek And Effective

Where I live, until recently, I had to park my car outside in an uncovered parking spot. My car was right next to a tree and a huge climbing vine that ran up the side of a building. Very quickly I noticed bird $%*# showing up after only a day or two. I realized a car cover would be a lot cheaper than washing my car at the carwash every week.

I went online to and found the exact size for my vehicle make and model. I was surprised to see they were running a special and managed to get a cover that protected against all weather conditions and of course bird poo.

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② Portable Electric Air Pump & Powerbank

Portable Electric Air Pump & Powerbank

Where I live I can ride my bike to the nearest store or to meet friends. These days due to lockdowns this is a less common occurrence. When I do want to ride my bike the tires are often low and grabbing a hand pump means I have to go into the basement of our building. That's where this genius electric hand pump comes in......handy.

AirPump Power Portable Electric USB Air Pump

I have to admit when I received this pump as a trial I had my doubts. Probably just another gimmick I thought. The only thing is, now I find myself using it more often than expected. You can pump up more than your bike with this electric USB-charged hand pump. Basketball, football, volleyball, air mattresses, beach toys (what a savior) and cars. Yes that's right automobile tires as well. Oh did I mention it is a powerbank too you can use to charge other USB devices? Did I also mention it has a flashlight? Now I have one for the car, one for the house and one for the garage. Post how you like yours in the comments below. Onward to the next tip.

Gift Tip: This is a great gift for someone who rides their bike a lot either to work or just for fun. Having a quickly rechargeable bike pump handy is very helpful. Another would be for someone who drives their car a lot and would appreciate a backup tire pump for their car.
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③ Bluetooth Car Diagnostics Reader For Home Use

Use A Bluetooth Car Diagnostics Reader Like An Autoshop

Recently I had to take my car in to the shop for maintenance. It is a used car and I have had it for about 2 years. I figured since I don't drive that often where I live that I did not need to get maintenance as often since the normal recommendation is every 30-50,000 miles for a larger maintenance round. Well unfortunately since the car was used I did not have a record of when the previous owner had done routine maintenance. My oil seemed OK and so did my fluids, but the breaks were a bit loud and steering a little clunky.

So I took my car into the shop expecting maybe 400-600 dollars in parts and labor being that I don't know the last time this car was overhauled. After the dealership invited me into their office we had a bit of an awkward conversation. They told me so far what they had found is about $1200 in maintenance and replacing a broken turn signal in my mirror. And that was not including anything else they found on deeper inspection!

In the end I talked them down, and being that I have a family (you could see the kid seats in the back) I suspect the kind mechanics might have left off an item or two. My final bill was around $1000. I learned from this one very important thing about car ownership: Keep up with your maintenance. Treat your car well and it in turn will save you money.

I decided from there to research how I can keep better tabs on what needs to be changed and when. I found that most modern cars have maintenance sensors that can be accessed by a single "chip" or connection. This is what all the repair and autoshops use as a first diagnostics test to find out what needs to be done. The diagnostics sensors are indented to only be accessed by mechanics, but this clever company makes a product called SmartCar that allows car owners to use the car's built-in diagnostic system. You simply plug in the Bluetooth chip reader using the instructions. From then on you can quickly and easily check all of the fluids, filters, belts etc. and what needs to be replaced using the SmartCar iOS or Android app on your phone!

SmartCar Bluetooth Diagnostics Tool

Now I treat my car much better and I know exactly when something needs to be replaced. My maintenance costs will be spread out and even reduced due to taking better care of my car thanks to SmartCar. I can highly recommend this product for any car owner who either a) wants to troubleshoot problems in their car themselves before taking it to an autoshop and b) for car owners who want to stay on top of their maintenance with the precision of a professional mechanic.

I would mention SmartCar can also save you money by allowing you to double-check maintenance against your repair shop to confirm you are not getting swindled.

This diagnostics device has saved me far more than the $75 it costs. I highly recommend it to all car owners.

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④ Track Your Car With This GPS Tracking Device

Track Your Car With This GPS Tracking Device

Never lose your car again. That sounds a bit funny. Let's rephrase it. Use real-time GPS to track the location of your car at all times. This device makes me think of some cool spy device used in numerous movies allowing you to track your enemy's vehicle after attaching some fancy magnetic GPS device on the inside of their rear wheel. Well it's not quite intended for that, but iTrack does allow you to sleep better at night knowing exactly where your car is at all times.

Just remember: If your car is stolen, and you have an iTrack installed, do not go to your car's location yourself. Hand the information over to the police. Tell them you have an iTrack GPS tracking device installed and you know your vehicle's location, this will make retrieving your vehicle and catching the criminals easy for the police.
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⑤ Ultimate Anti-Fog Spray

This Anti-Fog Spray Will Make Your Winters Easier

You get in your car in the morning. It's winter and it's cold outside. You crank the heating up but still have to wait for that defrost. Depending on the model and  year of your car it can take some time to defrost your windows. Now you're late for work, or just annoyed by the wait. Well maybe it's time to get some anti-fog spray for your windows.

Another neat use is ski goggles, snorkel masks or swimming goggles! I'm sure there are more I have not thought of.

Anti-Fog Hero are running a special now 3x for $23 each including free shipping while supplies last.

Gift Tip: This makes a great gift for automobile drivers in colder climates or people who love swimming and snorkel/scuba diving. This spray has many uses beyond just cold-weather windshield protection so the 3x Bottle is the best bang for your buck.
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⑥ This High-Tech Spray Coats Your Car & Protects It For 2-3 Months

High-Tech Formula Coats Your Car & Protects It for 2-3 Months

I don't know about you but I find that I don't get to the car wash as often as I probably should. My car used to sit outside in an uncovered parking spot, which meant a lot of bird poo problems. I could have probably gone to the car wash every week but that would get expensive fast at around $12 bucks per wash, not to mention the time it takes.

I wish there were something that could help dirt, mud, dust, insects, animal poo and whatever else stick less to my car's body. But wait, there is! ShineArmor is an innovated new car coating that coats your car in a layer of ceramic coating. You just spray it on after your car is washed and dried and it creates a fortified quick coat. If your car is not too dirty you can even spray it on without washing it for a "waterless wash" but we recommend washing first and applying shine armor after to avoid possible scratches from dust or dirt on your car.

ShineArmor is 20x stronger than any commercial car wax, can withstand extreme heat and lasts 2-3 months before needing re-apply. This is much more cost-effective than washing your car every week, or buying a whole slew of waxes, polishes and coatings. With ShineArmor you need only one.

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