There are many reasons to use a VPN including protecting your privacy, securing your identity, and protecting yourself from any legal action. So much of our private information is available for those with the know-how to access. Heck, even our bank accounts are just 1's and 0's. Numbers on a screen!

Did you know all it takes to locate who you are and where you live is knowing your IP address? The address given to every computer when you go online. Hackers, snoops, governments or law firm cyber units can use that number to trace back to your location and from there discern your identity. It has happened before in cases of online bullying, "trolling" disputes, identity theft and financial theft.

That becomes exponentially more difficult if you utilize a VPN. I use one for work and home. To the internet it looks like I am located at whatever location I choose from my VPN software. I found SaferVPN to be easy to use and secure. Now it looks like I am surfing from New York City instead of where I really live. So no prying eyes can track me down. Another great thing is VPNs are cheap. SaferVPN have a special running for $5.50 per month if you sign up for a year.