We have written about a few different DIY home mask options here at DiyZam including a no-stitch bandanna mask from LaurDIY. This mask uses an old t-shirt and does require some light sewing. DIY pandemic masks are great to save money and upcycle old materials. The CDC also recommends if making home masks to use tightly-knit cottons.


  • An old t-shirt (should be tightly-knit cotton)
  • Scissors
  • A needle and thread, sewing kit or sewing machine
  • Elastic straps or Hair Ties


1. Flip your t-shirt inside out

2. Measure out the long side - 8 (20cm) -10 inches (25cm) of material with a pen or pencil

3. Measure the short sides/height - of 4 1/2 inches (11.5cm)

4. You should end up with a 8in x 4.5in rectangular box. You can potentially fit 5 or 6 masks per shirt

5. Stitch the long sides closed

6. Fold over the short sides and pin them in place

7. Stitch the short sides closed creating a "pocket" on each side of the mask (this is where the straps will go)

8. Push elastic straps through the pockets. Attaching a safety pin to one end makes it easier

9. Tie the elastic straps in a double-knot and move the straps inside the stitched pockets to hide it

These masks are easy, cheap and use old materials. With two layers of tightly woven cotton and a tight fit on your face they will be sufficient protection against COVID 19 if worn correctly.

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