Where I live I can ride my bike to the nearest store or to meet friends. These days due to lockdowns this is a less common occurrence. When I do want to ride my bike the tires are often low and grabbing a hand pump means I have to go into the basement of our building. That's where this genius electric hand pump comes in......handy.

AirPump Power Portable Electric USB Air Pump

I have to admit when I received this pump as a trial I had my doubts. Probably just another gimmick I thought. The only thing is, now I find myself using it more often than expected. You can pump up more than your bike with this electric USB-charged hand pump. Basketball, football, volleyball, air mattresses, beach toys (what a savior) and cars. Yes that's right automobile tires as well. Oh did I mention it is a powerbank too you can use to charge other USB devices? Did I also mention it has a flashlight? Now I have one for the car, one for the house and one for the garage. Post how you like yours in the comments below. Onward to the next tip.

Gift Tip: This is a great gift for someone who rides their bike a lot either to work or just for fun. Having a quickly rechargeable bike pump handy is very helpful. Another would be for someone who drives their car a lot and would appreciate a backup tire pump for their car.