Lifehacks are great, but not all are created equal. In these challenging modern times we scoured the web to find the best and most helpful hacks for your home. Our tips will help you with cleaning, organization, repairs and general life improvements.

1. Clean Showerheads And Faucets With A Bag Of Vinegar

Vinegar is good stuff. It is especially good at breaking down crust and mineral deposits left after heavy use. Fill a bag with vinegar and tie it to the end of your showerhead or faucet to give it a deep clean.

2. Velcro Stick Your Remote Controls So You Can Find Them

Is it in the couch? In between the cushions? On the table? Under the couch? Oh it's under my a$#. Use Velcro tape to create a home-base for your remotes.

3. Use A Squeeze Bottle For Your Pancake Batter

Take your pancake game to the next level with this, possibly overkill, hack. Do you hate all those drips or don't have a child to eat the resulting mini "drip pancakes"? Clean up your pancake production darn it!

Jokes aside, this would be especially useful for pancake social events using larger squeeze bottles.

4. Light Candles With Dried Pasta

Do we REALLY need a fancy foot-long match to light one fancy candle? No way José! Just use a dried spaghetti, ya noodle.

5. Use A Wooden Spoon To Prevent Your Pasta From Boiling Over

This trick is an "oldy but goody". Putting a wooden spoon on top of your pot as it boils helps break some of the bubbles and can prevent mild boil-over. Of course there is a limit to this voodoo.

6. Transfer Ground Meat To Freezer Bags To Use Less Space

I do this with all store-bought meat I get. Whenever chicken or ground beef is on sale I buy a few packs. But the packaging they come in takes up a lot of extra space in my freezer. I always transfer my meat to either freezer bags, ziplocks, or even wrap them in plastic wrap. This creates a better seal and uses less space in your freezer. Another advantage is you can divide your meat into smaller "portion sizes" for easier thawing and consumption.

7. Use Masking Tape To Help Hang Something Level

Hanging a painting or shelf can be a pain even with two people. Put tape on the wall at the horizontal and vertical edges of your object as guidelines. You can test they are level easier as well.

8. Use A Dish Washer Tab To Unclog Your Kitchen Sink

Obviously Draino, or drain cleaner is the best option. But in a pinch, if you have nothing else, try a dish washer tab. There are chemicals in them that help break down food and fats which can assist in unclogging your kitchen sink. Just fill your sink with warm water and drop a few tabs in. It should be noted other sinks with non-food materials will not work as well.

9. Keep The Pests Out Of Your Trash With Vinegar

Fill a spray bottle with pure table vinegar and spray or pour it around your trash before dusk. Your trashy pests will NOT thank you.

10. Use A Lint Roller To Clean Dirty Window And Door Screens

Lint roll all those tricky spiderwebs and hollowed-out insect husks the spiders left behind. They work on more than just your clothes!

11. Add Salt To Your Ice Bucket Or Cooler To Supercharge It's Cooling

Adding salt to ice reduces the ice's melting point and will allow the resulting slurry to get even colder than regular water and ice. Just don't go overboard and blow up all your beers from over-freezing them. That's so cool!

12. No Toothbrush? Eat An Apple

So apparently apples are excellent natural teeth cleaners. They won't compete with your Sonicare, laser-guided, UV-light, 10-speed fancy toothbrush. But they'll work better than your finger at getting crud out of your teeth. Who knew?

13. Paint Your Keys With Nail Polish

Now you can finally know which key does what within mere seconds. And they look really cute don't they?

14. Line Your Garbage Cans With Paper

Garbage drips nasty stuff. What's all that goo and mold at the bottom of your garbage can anyways? Moldy goo or something!? Line your garbage cans with old newspaper to keep the Goo-mold away.

15. Protect Your Car Doors With Pool Noodle Bumpers

Tight squeeze in your garage? Just wave a magic pool noodle wand at it and protect your sweet ride from hitting the walls. Cut a pool noodle in half and mount it, door-height, to your garage wall/s.

16. Evenly Heat Your Food In The Microwave

Microwaves behave in rather unexpected ways. Ever notice the middle of your food tends to be cold? Well if you have the option to create a ring with nothing in the middle, do that. It will heat your food more evenly.

17. Use Duct Tape To Open A Stubborn Jar

"If you can't duct it, f$(#@ it". I have to say that every time something involves duct tape because I am very mature and also hilarious. A lot of people are using duct tape wrenches to open jars, but I don't know why they don't just do a few more pushups or whatever.

Another trick is to put a knife or fork under the lid and break the airtight seal. However this only works if your stubborn jar is stuck because of the pressure seal. If it's rusted, corroded, or bent you might need to "duct it".

18. Use Coca Cola To Clean Your Toilet

Maybe you are out of toilet cleaner. Maybe you just gave up your Coca Cola habit. Whatever reason, people say Coca Cola makes a great toilet cleaner substitute. Are you wondering what it does to your stomach now too?

19. Use A Dust Pan To Fill A Bucket From The Sink

This is another popular one so you may already know it. But nonetheless, I'm pretty sure MacGyver was involved in this lifehack somehow. It's pretty clever.

20. Use A Walnut To Repair Scratched Wood

Don't ask me how this one works. Walnuts come from a tree, so why shouldn't they perform scratch-removing magic on wood? Or maybe it's something to do with the oils in the walnut? Just try it, you will be positively surprised.

21. Hang Your Cleaning Supplies With A Shoe Hanger System

Who wouldn't want better organization and space usage? Just get one of those cheap hanging shoe racks and use it to store your cleaning supplies on the inside of a door. Talk about efficient space usage and organization!

22. Use A Can Opener To Open Difficult Plastic Packaging

You know that guy who invented that plastic blister packaging system? Yeah that guy... Why?....why did he do that to us. Well after hundreds of years, someone came up with a way to get past this impenetrable consumer packaging system with the ease of slicing through butter with a hot knife.

23. Use A Soaked Sponge In A Bag As An Icepack

My kids aren't in school yet. But apparently kids lose icepacks packed in their lunch boxes regularly. Unless you are filthy rich, or own an icepack production factory, consider making your own icepacks with a water-soaked sponge inside a plastic bag.

24. Use Pant Hanger Clips As Bag Clips

Yeah so chip clips cost almost $0. But I find I always run out of them. Or they break. Or maybe you just like to upcycle stuff. Cut off those pant hangar clips on the end, they are next level bag clips.

25. Use A Wet Paper Towel To Speed Up Cooling Of Your Drinks

This lifehack is super cool. It works with extra science magic. But seriously, this will cool your drinks significantly faster. Wet a paper towel, wrap it around your drink, toss it in your freezer and give it 10 minutes. Ice cold the way we love it.

26. Use A Laundry Basket For Baby Baths

We bought some expensive, unnecessary, molded foam seat that cost nearly $100. Had I known about simply using a plastic laundry basket from the dollar store, I would have happily spent that 100 dollars on something for myself! Just kidding, I might have bought hundreds of pool noodles, those things have endless uses. Including the cut up "noodle pit" and the "floating noodle pit" shown here. Yes, this picture has two lifehacks in one.

27. Reinforce Your Buttons With Clear Nail Polish

I think this tip is more for the ladies. But if you have issues with buttons occasionally falling or...popping off?! Try reinforcing your button-ups with clear nail polish over the threads. Hopefully you won't comically shatter anymore wine glasses with projectile buttons from your breast or gut.

28. Use Tea Bags As Shoe Deodorizers

Do your feet stink? Yeah don't worry so do mine. Just throw some teabags in there when you're not using them!

29. Cover Your Beer With A Soda Skin To Drink In Public

Because who doesn't love getting their buzz-on in a park? If you live in the USA, chances are it is illegal. Which is pretty buzz-kill if you ask us. So make your own soda can disguise from an old soda can. Or take your drinking to the next level and buy a silicon one.

30. Put Leggings Over Your Vacuum To Find Small Jewelry

Those little earrings and those little earring backs! Dang it, surely there must be a trick to help finding them...

31. Use An Empty Chapstick To Hide Money

Out and about with loads of bills? At the beach and worried about sand devils stealing your hard earned cash? Hide your rolled-up bills in a used chapstick.

32. Ice-bathe Your Hardboiled Eggs For Easy Peeling

Throw your boiled eggs directly into an ice bath and marvel at how easy the peeling process becomes.

33. Put A Coaster On Top Of Your Drink

I guess the majority will know this one, but that doesn't mean it is not helpful. Put a coaster over your drink to prevent wait staff from removing it.

34. Clean Your Microwave With Water

Microwaves get dirty, and the food gets fossilized by constant heat and complete moisture removal. Simply put a bowl of water in your microwave before you clean it, add a lemon for extra cleaning power. The dried food will become rehydrated and much easier to wipe away.

35. Use A Paperclip To Mark The End Of Your Tape

This is more of an honorable mention as likely most already know this old standby lifehack. If you don't, stop screaming at your clear packing tape! Use a paperclip to mark the end and save you the aggravation.

36. Assist Your Hammer Skills With A Clothes Pin

Are you...not so good at hammering stuff? I noticed it's not a skill most have practiced. Well avoid purple fingernails with the help of an old-fashioned clothes pin (yes they still have uses).

37. The Egg Float Test

Check the freshness of your eggs with this handy knowledge. Which came first the chicken or the egg? Well whichever it was, it's sink or swim in this crazy world!

38. Microwave Two Dishes At One Time

A dish in the hand is worth one in the bush, no wait. Kill two stones with one bird...ah shucks, just use a mug to balance your second dish so you can microwave both bowls of chili to mouth-blistering temperatures at the same time!

39. Cheese Grate Your Cold Butter

In a pinch? No time to wait for that butter to "room-temparature-ify"? Just grate it using your hand cheese grater!

40. Use A Rubber Band On Stripped Screws

If you are into reading lifehacks you probably already know this one. However, if not, you're welcome. Next time you strip a screw, just put a rubber band over the top it should be enough grip to remove the screw.

41. 2 Easy Steam Sources You Can Use To Quickly Remove Wrinkles

Let's face it: who has time to iron in a busy household these days? Ok I see a few hands - teacher's pets! Steaming is easy and requires less attentiveness. Did you know you can easily steam wrinkles out of shirts while you shower in the bathroom, or hanging it over a pot of boiling water? Just don't set your shirt on fire ok?!

42. You Are Witnessing A Miracle Of Geometry

Not really, but definately one of those: "Duh, why didn't I think of that" hacks. I recently cooked a frozen pizza but I knew my daughter would eat half of it instead of eating her own food. However for some odd reason the oven planners didn't consider the standard pizza size! Next time I have frozen pizza I will origami them into one cooking session.

43. Use Command Hooks To Secure Your Trash Bags

Command hooks are all the rage in the lifehacks scene right now. We see them popping up in several DIY projects and lifehacks. Well this one will help you with that annoying "trash bag sliperoo" we all are familiar with.

44. Build A Chopping Block Into A Drawer For Clever Space Savings

If you live in an apartment or a house with a smaller kitchen but still like to cook we have a great hack for you. Build a chopping block into one of your drawers, the space you will gain will make up for the conversion. Bonus points if you can situate it above your trash and cut a hole as shown in the photo.

45. Use Frozen Grapes To Cool Your Wine

Many people prefer to drink their white wine chilled. Regular ice cubes do the trick but water down your wine. Some genius figured out frozen grapes gets the job done without diluting the flavor. Thanks mystery person!

46. Hang Your Lids & Cutting Boards On The Inside Of Your Pantry Door

I always found pots and pans inside of our pantry to be a disheveled mess. That is until my girlfriend started hanging them, along with our cutting boards, on the inside of our door using a cheap ikea hanger. Things are much more peaceful inside there now.

47. Straighten Your Collar With A Hair Straightener In A Fix

Somehow I always find myself rushing off when I am dressed up. Poor planning? Underestimation of the time it takes to get ready? A little of both I suppose. This clever hack is a great, fast way for you to straighten out that crinkled collar on your way out of the door.

48. Use A Pant Hanger To Read Without Hands

Cooking? Typing Something up? Just use one of those pants hangers from most retail stores to hang your reading material.

49. Peel A Kiwi With A Shot Glass

Kiwis are a great source of vitamins and taste alright too. You can eat them with the skin on. However, if you prefer a naked kiwi - just use a shot glass!

50. Entertain Your Toddler With A Cardboard Box & Crayons

Parents rejoice! A cardboard box and some coloring utensils is a great, safe way for your child to play, keep them busy and encourage their creativity.

51. Turn Your Toaster On It's Side For A Quick, Mess Free Grilled Cheese

Want to have a grilled cheese but without the hassle of dirtying a pan and paying any attention to the cooking process? Turn your toaster on it's side, just be careful of spillage on the heating coils.