You get in your car in the morning. It's winter and it's cold outside. You crank the heating up but still have to wait for that defrost. Depending on the model and  year of your car it can take some time to defrost your windows. Now you're late for work, or just annoyed by the wait. Well maybe it's time to get some ground-breaking anti-fog spray for your windows.

Another neat use is ski goggles, snorkel masks or swimming goggles! I'm sure there are more I have not thought of.

Anti-Fog Hero are running a special now 3x for $23 each including free shipping while supplies last.

Gift Tip: This makes a great gift for automobile drivers in colder climates or people who love swimming and snorkel/scuba diving. This spray has many uses beyond just cold-weather windshield protection so the 3x Bottle is the best bang for your buck.