Winters can get very cold in the USA. Polar vortexes, Nor'Easters, Ice Storms, Supercells. Let's not forget the infamous Blizzard. No, not the McDonald's Ice-cream treat, the BAD kind of Blizzard.

Don't worry though, we have you covered. This convenient little mini space heater pumps out a lot of heat. It uses ceramic induction heating which means the plastic housing never heats up too much. The ceramic heating element inside is backed by a fan that blows the heated air into the room. Heading into this long dark winter, you had better be prepared for anything.

Even if you have a heat pump, wood-fire heating or some other form those systems can break down. If your heating system goes down in the middle of a huge storm, you had better have backups ready. This heater is powered by electricity it can be run off the grid or a generator.

It also works great to augment your existing heating in rooms you may just be in briefly and don't want to fully heat like the bathroom, pantry, closet, garage or workshop. My advice: plan ahead. Order a few before the winter gets hard and they are sold out or backordered.