Cables, chargers, phones, tablets. Our lives are becoming ever more "plugged-in". At some point carrying around all these electronic gadgets can get cumbersome. Here are a few tips to keep your electronics in check.

1. Put Your Phone In A Bag To Mount It On A Flight

Still have that bag from the sandwich you just ate? Drop your phone in it and use it to hang your phone from the seat in front of you. Your neighbors will surely be impressed.

2. Store Your Travel Cables In A Glasses Case

You probably  have loads of glasses cases lying around with no glasses to go in them. Doesn't everyone? Well, now you can put that lonely case to use housing your gadget cables and earbuds.

3. Speedy Charge Your Phone In Airplane Mode

Turn on Airplane Mode to charge your phone faster. No seriously, just do it. Your phone is using far less power in Airplane mode, making it take less energy to reach max charge.

4. Use Your TV As A Backup USB Charger

Forgot to bring your powerbrick or USB converter to charge your phone on vacation? Plug your phone directly into any modern TV to charge it.

5. Organize Cables With Toilet Paper Rolls

6. Use A Bolt & Screw If You Only Have 1 Good Battery Left

Have you ever been out of batteries or only have an odd fresh battery left? Suddenly your critical electronic device is ruining your whole day. In a pinch you can connect the two contact points of your missing battery socket with a conductive metal like a screw and a bolt to hold it in place. This should at least allow you to use the device until you can go buy batteries.

7. Velcro Stick Your Remote Controls So You Can Find Them

Is it in the couch? In between the cushions? On the table? Under the couch? Oh it's under my a$#. Use Velcro tape to create a home-base for your remotes.