My wife's brother and his girlfriend love to travel. They've done Mexico, Thailand and southeast asia, Rome, Germany and many other countries. After their trips they usually like to come over to our place and show us photos from their adventures.

In the past they had shown us the photos on the iPad but the last few times we realized: hey why can't we use the larger screen on our TV to view the photos? Well, I work in tech, and so does my wife. Her brother is even younger and knows everything his smartphone can do.

He said: "Let's just put the pictures up on the TV". We have a Samsung Smart TV and I had fiddled with it before and failed.

I told him: "You think it is so easy, huh? Good luck!"

Twenty minutes later and we we had to give up and switched back to the iPad.

So, as always, I went online and looked for solutions. I found it is possible to share the photos from my phone using a special Samsung app but it was complicated and when I got it working it was very choppy and slow.

In my search I found what looked like a USB stick that plugs into your TV's HDMI slot. It allows you to easily share any kind of online streaming video or TV, and your own videos and photos. It's called TVSurf and I immediately ordered one for $99.

It works great and was so much easier to setup than the Samsung app on my TV. Now I can also stream free television shows and movies through sites like Youtube, Popcornflix, Crackle and more. I no longer pay for cable which saves me loads of money each month. This device is definately worth it.

Gift Tip: This TV surf stick would make a great gift for someone you know watches streaming TV and video on the internet or someone who likes to show photos on their TV to friends and family.