Scratches, scuffs and dings. It's a constant battle living in a major city. I feel like a new scratch pops up every week, and I swear its not my fault! These scratches are annoying and sometimes I can buff them out, but some of the worse scratches still remain even after vigorous buffing and scrubbing.

ScratchUndo Pro is a handy pen for removing clear coat scratches. To use it we recommend reading the instructions. However I found it works best when following these steps:

1. Make sure the scratch you are fixing is either on the wax layer or clear coat layer. Deeper scratches will likely need a professional repair.

Tip: You can tell if your scratch is a clear coat scratch by spraying it with soapy water (in step 2). If the scratch disappears when it is wet, then re-appears when it is dry, that is a clear coat scratch.

2. Clean the scratches area with soapy water and a microfiber towel.

3. Apply ScratchUndo Pro to the scratch. ScratchUndo Pro lets you apply a small layer of clear coat which fills in the scratch.

If there are still some noticeable blemishes, at this point you can lightly sand over the newly filled-in scratch with 5,000 grit sand paper, then apply polish and wax. Your car will be good as new and the scratch will be gone forever!